[1.7.2] Gravestone Mod By: Subaraki


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Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l8166s2l8voc7ux/GraveStones-1.7.2_1.4.jar

Graves come with an inventory that gets filled with the player's inventory when they die.
The items can be taken back in many ways :

If the grave is dedicated to you :
Right click the grave to open it's interface. You can take out any items you like.

if the grave is from someone else :
Right click the grave to open it's interface. You can loot 1 item. then the grave will be sealed, and no more items can be taken out.

-Note that items can be taken out, but not placed in.
-If a player takes away an item, the grave will be sealed to everyone, except the owner.
this means that 1, and only 1 item can be taken.

-In creative mode, you can fill graves with items.

As of 1.7 : release v.3, graves are compatible with multiple mods.
RpgInventory, Tinkers Construct, Baubel and Mariculture's inventory contents will now all be dropped in the grave when you die. If you open the grave, multiple tabs will appear from any mod in the list that you installed. You can simply click those and get the content from that mod back.

IF :
-the grave is your grave
-the grave has items
then the grave will emit a beam and help you to find it back easely.
If you died with armor on (helmet, chest), these armor items will be rendered on the bust grave !

This is such a great mod, its one of the best Gravestone mods I've seen out there!
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ya, this really is a fun mod. The only real issue is its mainly setup for SP mod packs.
I wouldnt recommend it for mod packs made for servers.

The reason is that the graves can only be broken by the owner, meaning... on faction land, plotme land, towny land... they become a greif issue if
your server is setup for PvP.

I would recommend B&M's Grave mod for server based mod packs.

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