BuildCraft Session 0 [WHITELIST] [YouTube/Twitch spots left] 2 SLOTS LEFT!


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What is BuildCraft? Well BuildCraft is a MATURE minecraft white-list server community that gets together just to have fun. We become a family in BuildCraft and our one goal is to grow on all platforms like youtube and twitch and many other video and streaming sights we BuildCrafters use. We strive to become a server like HermitCraft and MindCrack but better!

Are you the next BuildCrafter? Apply to find out....

We are looking for Content Creators, If your interested in Hermitcraft game play and shenanigans with an AMAZING community! Apply!

Our current Vanilla Tweaks:
AFK Display :Grays out a players name that is not moving for more than 5 min.
Anti Enderman Grief: prevents enderman from picking up blocks.
Coordinates Hub : Adds information to your action bar XYZ coordinates.
Double Shulker Shells : Gives you additional shulker shells with killed.
Dragon Drops : Dragon when killed drops Egg and Elytra.
Multiplayer Sleep : allows one person to sleep to turn it day.
Nether portal coordinates : adds trigger that calculates where the portal in the other world should be placed.
Player Head Drops : Players drop their head when killed by another player and labels who killed them.
More Mob Heads : adds a chance that Mobs drop heads when killed.
Wandering Trades : adds random trades at random amounts.

If you wish to join, send me your:

- Ign (In game name)

- Age

- Reason why you want to join

- How long you have been playing MC

- Favorite Mc youtuber

-Whats your discord

-Do you do youtube or livestream? If so whats your name on them?

-Are you a readstone person or a builder?

-whats the biggest project you plan on doing?

-what can you do to help our BuildCraft community grow?


-must have discord

- No griefing

- No stealing

- Pranking is allowed

- Fowl language is not allowed

- Have a great time!

-Be mature ^

BuildCrafters so far:


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