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Hello everyone,

We're excited to announce that we have made changes to! We have modernized the forum by upgrading to the latest version of our forum software along with 2 new site themes, a dark and light one. This has improved the accessibility of site but it also came with a bunch of new features in addition to the ones we've added. This makes it easier for you to participate in the discussions that matter to you!

We've also made some changes to the sections of the forum. The noticeable change is that we've removed 1/3 of the sections that weren't being used and we've replaced them with a marketplace where everyone can buy and sell their services such as hosting, webdevelopment, building services, development services and so on...

Here is a list of the feature and forum changes:
- Fixed registrations and logins. These were broken for a while.
- Updated to XenForo 2.1. This comes with faster loading times, a more user friendly interface and other cool features
- Added a dark and light theme. The default is light however once you're logged in, you can toggle it to dark by using the lightbulb on the right of the menu or by selecting the theme in the site footer.
- Improved search feature by introducing a more robust search engine. This isn't really noticable except for the fact that it's much faster now, just like the rest of the forum.
- Introduction of Discord. We have a discord server that you can join. In addition that, you can link your Discord account to your MinecraftForum account which allows you to log in with your discord account. More information about this below.
- Improved site caching so things like images and the site layout load blazing fast!
- Streamlined forum sections. Removed some unnecessary unpopular sections and introduced the marketplace sections. In addition to this, the forum has a suggestion section now where you can suggest new forum changes!

Let's talk discord!
Discord is a platform designed to help gamers talk to each other. Everyone can create a guild/server and invite people to it. We've created our MinecraftForum server so that we can interact with each other outside the forum. There's also a mobile app for iOS and Android available to download.

You can join our discord server by going here.
Once you've joined, you'll have to link your Minecraft Forum account to your Discord account. You can do so by going here.

Although we have made these changes to improve the functionality of the forums, please do be aware that we will still be fine-tuning going forward. Should changes be required we'll be able to alter this and add/remove new forum sections if necessary.

We're really looking forward to sharing these changes with you. If you have any concerns or queries please post them here and we'll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

That being said, why don't we all take a moment to re-introduce ourselves here :)

Hoping to see you on the forums!


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Most important things in playing gam
e is able enough to manage his time in the game world and the real world.
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Most important things in playing gam
e is able enough to manage his time in the game world and the real world.

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