Found something weird on MC PS4

So, I was just playing Minecraft on PS4 and I find this thing which seems so random.

I would have posted a picture of it but I can't figure out how! It's just a wall built out of cobblestone and spruce wood/planks. Then there are 2 large windows. It's not very wide and it is very skinny but it's super tall! If it helps it was right outside a small rooftop forest and next to a river. I mined under it, through it, and on the sides and there were only sand and dirt blocks as I assumed. I have never seen anything like it before! Does anyone know what it is? Is it suppose to indicate something?


New user
It could possibly be that it was supposed to be the start of a village but then error-ed out and cancelled the spawn of the village and you are seeing what it would have been maybe. Minecraft has errors and glitches so thats my best guess

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