Help Minecraft Server 1.15.2 port Issues


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I'm trying to relaunch my 1.15.2 server I use to play with my friends a few years back now. It use to work.

Just for some background, I have a 1.18.2 server running without problems on this home server so my router's port forwarding and IPs are valid.

So when the 1.15 server is online and I or anyone else tries to connect, receive the generic 'Can't connect to server message'

The weird thing is I can see the failed attempt on the minecraft server log...

[INFO] / lost connection
[INFO] / lost connection

In I do have 'server-port=25565' set. So I don't know why its trying the other ports.

Port 25565 is forwarded in my router and again it is working on my 1.18 server.

Also on my client side, I tried connecting with my public ip with port number to try to forces it, example: XX.XXX.XXX.XX:25565

and yet connections are still attempted on other random ports. Also I did try turning off windows firewall on both server and client side, no luck.

I can provide more details if need be, just let me know

Thanks in advance.

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