High end server with small but very active player base. Open Now ~ caramel waffles. Mostly Vanilla with extra fun plugins... Discord channel for voice


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Come join now, open 24/7, random events may occur. Mostly Canill, We encourage you to join with a few people. Almost anything Is allowed. Be the good guy of the server and help people or... be a purely pvp/raid team and try to find people's bases and kill them. Only posted to game tree, so with a smaller player base. Voice channels on a discord server are created so you can voice call anyone in the game.

Plugins: Get Married, Double Jump, Groups, 1v1 Boxing Duel, SkinRestorer

No need to download any additional files, works with the vanilla version.

Minecraft server IP:
Minecraft Version: 1.16.1

Server information

Running on 6-core Xeon at 4ghz

Europe Server with: 1000mbps Download Speed

Ask for invite code to discord when you join
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Discord invite code - Vc7KeyV

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