How to play maps in minecraft market multiplayer?


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I've tried to export the maps from minecraft market and posted it to my Bedrock Dedicated Server but it told me that its encrypted so that I was not able to play it on BDS. But I really want to play the maps with my friends without Realms and invitation (because the minecraft official server connection is not stable in my area, and due to something we cannot get together in a LAN).
I've tried to use another device to connect to my PC's 19132 port but it noticed me that the server is full and told me to tried again later.
How can I expose my Minecraft to the Internet?


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I'm sorry,

The encryption is real and intentional. If you could do what you want to do then and use maps purchased from the Marketplace to be played for free on other platforms or devices then the incentive to purchase world would be lost to piracy.

This is true to Bedrock only but true none the less. There is no way to do what you want on your own dedicated server and if it was possible it would be a form of "Piracy" because you would have to bypass the encryption that mojang puts in place

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