Looking for people to bungee with to make a network!

Hello I'm Caleb I am 14 years old with a lot of experience with bungeecord, Minecraft plugins, the bukkit api (so I can code custom plugins), and Minecraft servers in general.

I currently have 2 servers 1 is 6gb ram the other is 4-6gb ram I forget.

I am looking for others who might wanna bungee their minecraft server to my 2 in order to make a network! I already have a website paid for and currently up. not edited yet but up. The website tho is with the name my server previously had so if you do not like the name I can always cancel the hosting plan and get a new site.

I am looking for someone with 1+ Minecraft servers. We need 1 server for the bungeecord so unfortunately we cannot play on that server but if you have more servers you want to bungee or if you buy more we can have a bigger network.

This person will have owner aswell but if more than one person does decide to do this the first 3 will get owner making a total of 4-5 owners after that the people will start getting co owner and head admin. I am not a fan of a lot of owners and not a lot of people are so if you do not like that idea pm me and I will tell you how many people agreed to bungee so far.

i do have 2 rule tho... i will only bungee with people who havehosting company hosted servers. No servers hosted off of someones personal computer and the people who want to bungee need skype so we can chat easier no calling is needed but it is a great way to message and stay in touch.

if any of you are interested in making a network with me please pm me on this forum and we can get eachothers skype names and we can discuss the rest over skype. Thank you to all that would like to.

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