Minecraft Earth Server! | Nations, Economy, War, Events, Giveaways


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Server IP/port:
Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
Whitelist: no
Max players: 100 (will be expanded)
Game modes/plugins/tags: Factions, Geopol, Survival

Sidenote, we have a discord but It doesn't let me post it. When you get on the server, do /discord and join the discord to stay updated on giveaways and events!

GeoWonder is a server-based off of the map of Earth (1:1000, hella huge). You can have puppets, alliances, get cool crates rewards.
Please join! Our community is still growing! Another thing about the server is its additional plugins in which it has: vehicles, cool weapons, crates, easier tree chopping. A lot of work has been placed and more work is still to be done! The server is currently in season one and the server is still experience growth in members. So if you wanna join a server in which you can make your own nation and war others and become #1 on the chart then you came to the right place!

- Progress on Custom Coding Plugins
- Non-toxic Community
- Even
- voting rewards aligned with survival
- Anti-Cheat
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