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Mods for Xbox 360 are impossible.

The Xbox online Network sends stability packets (like any digital network) to make sure the client side (in this case, your Xbox) is in sync with the server side (Microsoft servers (most likely)). When there is a mismatch, the server flags your specific client. if you are consistently getting flagged, you stand out like a beacon and will probably get banned. (Seriously, who is going to report somebody for adding content to a Minecraft game?)
[In games like COD, BF, Halo, ect. where there are likely to be many more de-sync errors, moderators look for a combination of both flags and cheating/hacking reports. When those reports match up, that person will (more than likely, be banned)]

  • Is written is Java.
  • Has extensive support for modding
  • Is made up of infinite worlds[<- this just illustrates another incompatibility issue]
  • is written in C++.
  • Has no support for modding, and updates are HUGE. (making for lots of work to be done when updating mods)
  • is made up of limited worlds (less than 1000 x 1000)[<- this just illustrates another incompatibility issue]
Not sure what this is, but from the looks of the video, you've just added enchantment effects to items.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this isn't a "mod".

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