My Minecraft Parkour Project (No name so far)


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Hey folks, I'm Arti- the coolest person alive /s. I'm working on a little project I like to call "No name". It's a parkour map with inventive level design and neat ideas. The map will feature numerous levels in multiple worlds. Each level will take place in a fairly linear path with smaller paths for secrets, bonuses, and collectables- though I'm considering making each level completely open. The goal for each level is too feel like a level in Super Mario 3D World, or a level in Crash Bandicoot. A fairly small runway filled with obstacles.

On the level design, I want each level to have this specific arc: Introduce a mechanic, flesh it out. Mechanics may include sliding down honey, running away from blazes, and the like. Then after the player has mastered the mechanic, you would introduce a new one. After they master that one, maybe a new one. After you add in all the mechanics you want, you then combine them all. For example, some blocks that light on fire, combined with jumping off that block onto a moving platform... etc. Then the player would finish that level, and get sent to the over world. Think of the over world like the world in Super Mario 3D World, where you walk around to select the levels- but in that game that is the only thing you do. You can't interact with anything except the levels. What I'm doing is letting you figure out simple puzzles that would open a door to an optional level, or a bonus room filled with gold! I think this is pretty cool and will make the overworld more than just a place to select levels.

Another thing I want to add to the map are collectables. Think jigsaws in Banjo Kazooie, or strawberries in Celeste. These are optional goodies littered throughout the entire world, found in levels and the overworld. They are out in the open where you can see them, but you have to face an obstacle to get them. The reward would be mind breaking levels that require a set amount of collectables to access.

I'm still working out the full idea of the map so don't expect any "demos" any time soon. If you're interested in the project, please check my profile often as I'll document any new changes. That's all, see you later.

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