Newbie trying to buy a minecraft server but need advice, help is much appreciated ^^


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Heey everybody! Im new to this forum and minecraft alltogether but me and my friends wanna pay for a server so we can play it together. I am from holland but some of my friends are from South africa. Do you guys know what service is best for getting best ping in both countries? please let me know in the comments below! and thanks alot you guys rock!

Emile Rougeau

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If you want to have a server.. You need a host example Host Havoc is one and Is really simple to use with multi craft if you want to be putting plugins and manage your server. Depending on how many people you want to be on your server and how much plugins you want You'll have to upgrade to more likely 1-4 Gb ram but if you are only 2 well 1-2 GB ram will be fine :)

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