PEGASUSCRAFT - New Faction Server! [PVP/Kits/Ranks/Pets/Crates/Envoy][1.15.2]

Fresh new server is looking for new players!
Why us?
We have a lot of cool things, such as:
Crates -Awsome crates with awsome loot, there is Spawner, Kit, Rare, Epic, Legendary crates with awsome loot!
Envoy - Envoy happens every 2 hours in server, Envoy drops 5-7 crates in warzone, you can get ton of good stuff, custom set, and more!
Pets - Pets plugin allows you to buy different pets, you can put the in your inventory and they will fly with you! Every pet gives different abilities, such as:pet Gamer - Lets you see ores (mini wall hack)Pet Unicorn - Allows fly for short time periodPet Lion - Kills every mob in 5 block radiussThere is 20 unique pets that you can use!
Auction Shop - Auction shop is place where you can put any items with your own prices and names, and rest of world can buy your items!
Votifier - Votifier plugin allows you to vote for server, and get vote keys, some goodies and money!
Minable Spawners - You can mine every spawner with silk touch enchant, use it or sell it for other people!
SHOP GUI + - Shop GUI allows you to open shop with command /shop, no more sign shops where you need to search for all things you need, now you can do it all with one simple command!
World Border - World Border allows us to set border, that players can only go so far, our border ir 15,000 blocks, and we will expand it more in future!
ActionHealth - Shows mobs, people healthbar!
Minigames :
Envoy1v1 Duel with Custom Kits
Main languages - English
Uptime - 24/7 h
Minecraft version - 1.15.2
Server is based on PVP/FACTION, so get your friends, and come, show us who is best faction!​

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