PhaseCraft Need Staff & Investors


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Welcome to Phase Craft

What is Phase Craft?

PhaseCraft is a server striving to become the best! We offer many gamemodes such as Kitpvp, Factions, And SkyBlock! We like our players just as much as we like our server! We enjoy to see you come and hate to see you go!


If you invest you will recieve ownership of the server, You will recieve 50% of ll server donations for 2 months after we get our first donation!
If you would like to invest, contact ColdFireStudios#8504 For more info!
NOTE: Any applications through dm will be denied

Staff Applications

If you are interested in applying, we are welcoming you to the team! We are looking for these requirements,

Age requirement is 12+
Must have proof of builds
Requires one build test (two parts)
Requires Resume of at-least 3 builds and description of how you build what you build

Developer (Non-Coding):
Must be age 14 or higher
Must at-least have knowledge of configuration

Developer (Coding):
Must Code something for us
Must know what a boolean is (in their own description)

Note: We Cannot pay staff currently due to funding, as soon as we have secured funding we will pay staff

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