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Hi everyone,

In this section you can advertise your Minecraft server however to keep it somewhat organised, there are some simple rules:
  • Please only post 1 thread per server. This gives everyone an equal chance to gain some publicity for their server.
  • Only post links if the server has a website! Links to other stuff like server lists where you can vote for the server is NOT allowed.
  • Do not bump the thread/post unless a week has passed since the last reply.
  • Please write the server IP, some information about the server, Minecraft version, which mods your server runs (if any), the requirements to join the server (whitelist etc.) and perhaps include some screenshots (use imgur.com).
We encourage you to follow these rules to prevent you thread from getting removed and you receiving warning points.

Thank you. :)


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For your inspiration...

Server Name
Server IP/port:
Minecraft Version:
Whitelist: [yes/no]
Max players:
Game modes/plugins/tags: for example: Factions, Hunger Games, CTF, Roleplay, Economy, Skyblock, Creative mode, Survival mode, etc.
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