SMP with PVP/Mini-game arena in center of map (4 Brothers)


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The 4 Brothers SMP is going to open soon. It's going to feature server-wide survival gameplay with a massive PVP/mini-game center for expanding the end-game of Minecraft in the middle of the map. Hoarders unite!

We're going to be looking for a more mature player base (this doesn't necessarily mean age).

  • Players spawn @ 2000,2000 in a Towny protected chunk in the middle of the wilderness.
  • Upon logging in and after some time, players will notice the day cycles are roughly 2 hours long.
  • If they wander around enough, they may find the peaceful Taiga Reserve where no mobs/pvp/destruction is/are allowed.

This reserve area is a place to catch your breath, enjoy the scenery with a good resource pack and shaders, and just chill

  • All explosions are regenerated if not protected by Towny (this is a server to promote creation and creativity along with that)
  • Backups are made on a daily basis up to a week of rollback capabilities (because you just can't get away from trolls anywhere)
  • A permanent server solution based on what this server was made for (you can leave for years and come back and your stuff will still be there if protected)
  • Related survival plugins include, but are not limited to; Towny, Blocklocker, mcMMO, Citizens2/Sentinel, Quests, BankNotes...
  • 20 min cycle expanding world border is at roughly 9k across as of this writing
  • All materials will be able to be traded in for in-game currency
  • Everything in the Arena is pay (in-game currency) to participate, making it painstakingly obvious that it's for end-game purposes
  • Anyone not registered to the Arena, (via the gatekeepers), but inside it, will find that they're having a rough time with PVP and won't be able to participate in the mini-games.
  • The Arena mini-games include fully automated point and rewards systems with automatic rule/prerequisite enforcing.
  • Mini-games will include: >=150 MPH racetracks, archery, free running parkour (no block-2-block nonsense), Zombie Apocalypse, King of the Hill.
I have a youtube video detailing the history and reveal of this WIP, but I'm not able to post links yet.

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