UnderscoreCraft [JAVA]{semi-vanilla]{1.16}{adult 25+}{discord}


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UnderscoreCraft is a whitelisted Semi-Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server recruiting adult players 25+. The server is quite new, 3 months in, and we have a dozen or so active players at the moment. We are looking to add several more members to our community! We welcome new players from all across the globe, but the language used in the server is English. All play styles and abilities are accepted.

The rules are simple, we just ask that everyone be respectful, use common sense and be open to have a good time playing alongside other adults. Don’t steal or grief. Pranks, jokes and PVP are allowed BUT should be mutual. A Discord account is required as is utilized for communication. We play with several fun data-packs like those seen in Hermit-craft.

Other Info:
  • Shopping district for unique player shops
  • Optional community projects (Spawn buildings, Nether Hub, Mini games, etc)
  • TNT duping allowed, expected to be used responsibly
Server Info:
  • This is a PaperMC Server on 1.16.1
  • Difficulty set to Hard
  • Fire spread disabled
  • 20 Player slots
  • IP: underscorecraft.com
If interested in joining the server please message for a discord link. Cynderzilla#2502

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