Help with server (something is not working)


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Hi good people of Minecraft forum.

I really need help from you guys.
So let's get to the point. Yesterday I decided to try out opening a server for fun to test mods together.
So I downloaded forge 1.7.10. (Have in mind I did this also on the newest version and everything was working when we were on the same network), I installed everything (put the mods in correct folder, edited server config - online mode: so it is like "cracked" because I only want to try things) and I can start the server and join no problems when entering my ipv4 or by typing localhost into the box.

Now the problem begins...I wanted my friend to join he installed forge client version 1.7.10 same as mine, downloaded same mods, put them in correct folder and tried to join...and then the problem starts. He can't join me no matter what. He can join other servers so it must be something with mine.
I let 25565 trough firewall.

Next step was going port forwarding. So I did even that (altough the site canyouseeme still can't "connect" to that port even if it's active on my router page).

I gave my friend my ipv4 address and my ip address and he still couldn't connect.

So I'm asking you for help on how to get this working, can I do something else just so we could play with mods on? Any other way?
We could join each other when we were connected on the same network but now when he is home he can't connect.
I installed latest java on both pc's.

Thanks in advance for you help

much appreciated

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