Map Stealer in MCPE


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Hello, i'm an Minecraft Java and Minecraft PE Player, i want to tell something, somebody can hack GabTheCrafter account? are you know GabTheCrafter? if u an MCPE Player, u can see his builds in Addons For Minecraft PE, ok i want to say something, he's an map stealer in Addons for Minecraft. even he's already give the credit, but he's still always stole peoples map, i'm so mad and a guy named Taylor Jefferson saids: wtf Gabby, You build like a god ( means GabTheCrafter made the world but actually it's stolen ) and i mad, i said: TAYLOR JEFFERRSSOOOOOOOONNNNNN, I SAID, HE'S DON'T MADE THIS. plz hack him. ( Taylor and GabTheCrafter ) OK
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