Need help understanding villager mechanics for spawning golems bedrock edition.


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Ok its like the title says.
Just getting back into minecraft, but on the console instead of java edition on the pc.
Playing on a mates world he imported from his java edition, but the villages and the golem spawners arnt spawning golems.
I understand why the golem spawners arnt working, but not why the villages dont produce their own golems.
By what i have found scowering the internet what you need is:
Atleast 10 villagers with jobs
21 beds
A bell
And all this has to be in a certain distance from each other.

What i dont understand is some say the bell is the centre of the area, others say the pillow of the town leader and others say the job block of the town leader.

We tried figuring this out by using the trading hall we had set up, with the village chief in the centre and 12 others around him (wasnt fun figuring him out) he has his bed, his work station and the bell in a 2 by 3 area but no golems spawn at all.

Any help explaining how were going wrong would be much apreciated.
We have already lost a village to zombies because it didnt have any golems and apparantly we got to close to it (anyone know the safe distance from a village as well?) so we would lkie to understand this asap.


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