NEW! Towny SMP Server


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We are a newly opened Minecraft community and have decided to start off with Towny! We strive to become a large and friendly community where anyone can jump in and have a good time.

Here are some of the features you can expect to see on our server:
  • Ranks, we use the popular /rankup system usually seen in Prison server to reward players with perks for earning money.
  • Player run economy, youll find no server shop here! Players can sell items through the auction house or chestshops.
  • Custom Jobs, we have worked tiredlessly to perfect our Jobs system to provide balance across the board and we think we're hitting the nail on the head.
  • Custom MythicMobs
  • McMMO
  • High payouts! We award players with store gift cards for reaching high ranks, this means that anyone can get the chance!
  • We have a large world border and plan to never wipe, the server will stay up aslong as the people want it to.
  • Generous vote rewards.
  • We've made a great effort to optimize our server, this starts with our plugins and ends with out back-end system admin work.
Connect today on!

We also run weekly Nitro giveaways on our Discord!

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