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I'm new here and hope I'm posting this question in the right place. I am finishing up an Adventure map with the goal of collection 3 Gadgets. I am using Scoreboards to keep track of Gadgets collected, so that when the PC enters the last chamber it will provide the 'you win' message if they have the 3 Gadgets. This process works perfectly the first time the PC enters the chamber, but when you step back into the chamber (if you didn't notice or have time to read the 'you win' the first time) the message says, '@ found Player'. I'm hoping someone can tell me what is wrong with my coding and if I need to somehow reset the process after it's been done once.

This is the set up I have:
Command Block coded:
/testfor @p[score_gadgets=3]

to Capacitator to

Command Block coded:
/say "You Won!"

Thank you for your help!


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I have almost no knowledge on scoreboard, however. I do know a site full of genius's who can help you. You do not even need a account, but you can get one if you like.
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