What's a good host?


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I am currently planning on starting a new hub server. I have 2 of the servers already, but would anyone recommend a cheap service that would be great for the bungee proxy and the lobby? Maybe it could be used for others servers.


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If you're getting into the multi server bungie setup and have any technical ability whatsoever, you may consider getting into dedicated hosting options. A bit of time and effort and you can learn enough linux to get up and running with something like linuxgsm


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I recommend using Shockbyte,they're an affordable server host with great specs, and 24/7 live-chat support. They also recently started providing hosting for other game types such as Ark and Rust :)


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Shockbyte is "Okay" the issue really isn't the host as much as it's the specs. There are free hosts for that matter that allow for a small SMP that are REALLY good and full featured... So it REALLY depends on what your looking to do. If you say I need 100 + players on a heavily modded system I would say any cheap "package / build" is gonna let you down. The owner of Buildcraft (a whitelist SMP) was using one of the mentioned services but eventually as the world grew and more were playing the server just couldn't keep up. He moved to Cubedhost changed the amount of RAM and there has been NO issues since.


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I would suggest GGServers they are extremely reliable and offer fantastic performance for a affordable price.
If you are only looking for a Proxy server a 1GB server would run 3$ a month.

They also have a great 24/7 support chat to help with any questions you may have, hope I was able to help you!

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